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How you can multitrack record Skype, yourself and any system audio onto seperate audio tracks using Virtual Audio Cables › Multitrack podcast recording with Virtual Audio Cable and Skype
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How you can use your smartphone as a full fledged computer › Digital Convergence: The Smartphone as Computer
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Why you should consider a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system › Panasonic GH4: Why you need to switch
One of the best cameras you can buy right now is challenging Canon and Nikon, and it also shoots 4K video Read More ›

Android Wear is out, and the Moto 360 takes full advantage of this new wearable OS › Round is right: my first two weeks with the Moto 360 smart watch
With so many [square] smart watches, the Moto 360 stands out on its own Read More ›

Why the Google Chromebook is so intriguing › The easy, portable cloud computer of the future: why you need a Google Chromebook
Since launching their first Chromebook, ChromeOS has become a very viable solution for many wishing to ditch the big two Read More ›

Why Mac OS X on PCs would be a good move for Apple › Save the PCs: Why Apple should release a special version of Mac OS X for PCs
Mac OS X is a solid desktop OS, and running it on a PC is very possible Read More ›